<< We currently represent over 500 Axe Throwing Venues across the United States. We also provide insurance for Go-Kart Venues, Haunted House Attractions, Laser Tag Venues, Archery Ranges, Escape Rooms, Rage Rooms, Gun Ranges, Knife Throwing Ranges and more adrenaline filled activities. >>

For Axe Throwing Insurance

Some types of insurance are required by law or by contract, while many others are important simply because they protect a company from financial distress. Insurance reduces potential liabilities and increases enterprise value, which allows a company to continue to grow and thrive.

Below is a list of scenarios your company will face and the insurance that may be important to buy at that time.

1.Your Policy Form
Claims Mode
2.Leasing Space
General Liability
Property Insurance
3.Hiring An Employee
Workers Compensation
Employment Practices
Sexual or Physical Abuse
or Molestation
4.Accepting Investments
Directors and Officers
Liability Insurance

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