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We Also Offer An Exclusive Axe Throwing Insurance Program With World Axe Throwing League for WATL & WKTL Members.

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We drive the best deal possible by accessing a number of exclusive market insurance programs on behalf of our clients.

We proudly represent over 500 Brick and Mortar Axe Throwing Venues and Mobile Axe Throwing Companies.

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Before you pick a place, let us review the insurance requirements of the lease. A lease can dramatically impact your insurance costs.

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Our team at AxeThrowingInsurance.com (Insurance Allies, LLC) is an independent insurance agency. We do not work for a large corporate insurance company with its one-size-fits-all policies and plans. We will always strive to do what is in your best interests. We proudly represent over 500 brick-and-mortar locations and many mobile-only venues throughout the United States.  We would love the opportunity to partner with you to help you obtain and structure the most affordable and best coverage insurance program on the market.  We care about providing you with the best price, and while we want you to make money and to be a part of your team,  there are a few things that we care just as much about as money: 

  • Educating you: We care deeply about helping you understand what you are purchasing, what EXACTLY it covers, and how your premiums are an investment in your company, not just a line item on an expense report.
  • Ensuring things are done correctly:  We do not want to say money doesn’t matter, because of course it does, but you need to be extremely careful about the insurance you purchase in this industry, as every insurance company has a different contract/policy.  Some insurance policies allow for off-site axe throwing while others do not, some allow for BYOB and do not, and some DO NOT EVEN COVER THE PARTICIPANTS THROWING AXES! 


(It is imperative to read the fine print.  I cannot stress this enough! So many people in our line of work do not read the fine print, making assumptions that all policies are the same- and that is how you, the client, can get burned!)

  • Helping you build an insurance program around the coverages that matter to you: When it comes to insurance, unfortunately, you do not just pay a dollar amount, and you are covered.  There are many what we call “Bells and Whistles,” or extra coverage line items that may matter to you and you want to pay extra for them, or maybe not.  At the end of the day, our goal is to help you build an insurance program around the coverages that are important to you and necessary for you to run a successful business.
  • Service: Our team strives their best to ensure you are always taken care of.  My name is Brett Pollak, and I am the President of our firm.  My cell is 407-461-6103.  I encourage you to text or call me whenever you need anything, seven days a week, day or night.

What our Clients are Saying

By far the best decision we ever made. They save us money, help us stay organized and provide the best possible coverage.

Brett, Nick and the team at Insurance Allies are nothing short of fantastic. They worked with us to understand our business operations and what truly matters to us to provide a tailored quote to match our specific insurance needs. The entire experience ended with us feeling that we have developed a new partnership rather than a regular broker to client relationship. I look forward to continuing to work with them in the coming years. Thanks for your dedication and effort!

Brett has worked very hard to give me the best plan for Total Axe. He has given me personal service and answered all of my calls, even while on vacation. It’s rare to get the best price and best service in any industry, but that’s exactly what he offers.

Brett is by far the easiest and most knowledgeable insurance agent. We’ve NEVER been with anyone on the commercial side as good as him. He’s never hard to reach, always available, and knows his stuff. We wish we would have found him sooner!

Brett’s commitment to client service is exceptional! His attention to detail and patience in customizing a solution for our business enabled us to open with the peace of mind that our insurance coverage was exactly what was needed – no unnecessary inclusions or additions resulted in both money and time saved.

We pride ourselves on being part of your team to educate you throughout the axe througing insurance process.

The Official
WATL & WKTL Insurance Broker

We are the only insurance broker endorsed by the World Axe Throwing League.

We earned an exclusive agreement with the World Axe Throwing League, and we are one of the premier axe throwing insurance companies to provide reduced pricing and coverage enhancements ONLY for WATL members that are our clients.

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