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How is the Cost (Premium) Derived?

General Liability Insurance companies have to charge you somehow. The cleanest and most logical way to charge you is based off of your anticipated gross

What is an Audit?

General Liability As noted under the section How is the Cost (Premium) Derived, the policy premium is based off of a projection for your upcoming policy

Liquor Liability /BYOB

We partner with a number of insurance companies that provide coverage for both BYOB and liquor liability coverage. The rate/price associated with the coverage is

WATL Exclusive Program

We have partnered with one of the premier insurance companies to provide an exclusive program only to WATL members that are our clients. You cannot

Admitted vs. Non- Admitted Insurance

Admitted vs. Non-Admitted Insurance Insurance policies can be admitted or non-admitted. This is an extremely important concept to understand. Admitted insurance is purchased from an insurance