Liquor Liability /BYOB

We partner with a number of insurance companies that provide coverage for both BYOB and liquor liability coverage. The rate/price associated with the coverage is relatively inexpensive. It is very important to read through your policy to determine if either one of these are currently covered as they do not come standard. Please do not […]

WATL Exclusive Program

We have partnered with one of the premier insurance companies to provide an exclusive program only to WATL members that are our clients. You cannot obtain these benefits elsewhere. The benefits include: $500 off per for your first axe throwing venue and $250 off each additional axe throwing venue. Exclusive Mobile Operation pricing (note that […]

Admitted vs. Non- Admitted Insurance

Admitted vs. Non-Admitted Insurance Insurance policies can be admitted or non-admitted. This is an extremely important concept to understand. Admitted insurance is purchased from an insurance company that has been formally admitted to operate by the state in which it operates. They are subject to strict laws and regulations on the policies they provide. As such […]