Can I 1099 an employee to avoid workers compensation? (***CONSULT A LAWYER)

We are asked this question a lot. Workers Compensation is required by law in almost every state the minute you hire one employee. Before you think of 1099’ng someone to avoid worker’s compensation, I would highly recommend that you to consult with legal consultation to ensure you are not breaking any laws or opening yourself […]

BYOB Coverage–Do you actually have BYOB Covered or EXCLUDED in the FINE PRINT

There is very specific language for BYOB in a General Liability Policy.  It is called “Host Liquor Liability” or the language found in PICTURE 1 below (see wording in Yellow).  The language is found in Exclusion C of the standard GL policy for, which excludes Liquor Liability.  However, the “Host Liquor” language is essentially a carve-back where they give you […]

Franchisor’s HIGHLY Recommended Coverages

As a franchisor of a chain there are three main insurance policies/coverages that we highly recommend from a risk management perspective that can really help protect against significant costs and reputational harm. 1. Franchisor’s Errors and Omissions: Franchisors may need Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance to protect against claims of professional negligence or errors and omissions in […]

Employment Practices Liability (Suits from Employees)

Operating an insurance agency that serves axe throwing bars that serve alcohol, you would think the obvious answer to claims would be from axe related incidents. I would argue that lawsuits from employees are a way higher probability. Employment practices insurance, also known as EPLI, is a type of insurance that provides coverage for companies […]

Damage to the Premises you Rent (General Liability)

General Liability covers Bodily Injury OR Property Damage to others. However, most GL Carriers limit Damage to the Premise you rent from $1M to $100K. If you are worried about damaging your landlord’s building, I would advise to pay attention to this coverage line item. Damage to premises rented to you coverage, also known as […]

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

At we pride ourselves on education. When you purchase insurance, you are not just covered. There are a lot of bells and whistles or extra coverage line items that do not come standard. One of those bells and whistles is part of your property insurance and it is called “Equipment Breakdown Coverage.” More About […]

Real Life Example/Danger of a Claims Made General Liability Policy

I harp non-stop about the dangers of a Claims Made General Liability Insurance Policy. Here is a real life example in which Gwyneth Paltrow is just now being sued from a skiing accident from 2016. This could cost her millions (insane but so is the legal system in our country in my opinion). Remember a […]

Essential Insurance an Axe Throwing Venue Should Have

axe-throwing venue insurance

Insurance is an essential consideration for any axe-throwing venue. With individual players throwing hatchets and other objects near each other, there is an increased risk of injury or property damage.  Establishing a safe, fun environment for axe throwers is essential to provide a quality customer experience. Knowing what kind of insurance your axe-throwing venue requires […]

Axe Throwing Franchise Ideas to Consider

axe-throwing business insurance

Throwing axes has become increasingly popular in America over the past few years. More and more places, from recreational facilities to bars, are offering it as an activity for people to enjoy. It can be the event’s main focus or a unique side activity. Many centuries ago, during the Viking era, throwing axes were predominantly […]

6 Things to Consider When Getting Axe Throwing Insurance

axe-throwing business insurance

People are always looking for activities that can relieve stress while looking good. One example is axe-throwing, precisely what it sounds like: throwing axes at a target. The sport has become increasingly popular due to its combination of physical activity, competitive nature, and the satisfaction of hitting a target with a sharp blade. However, axe-throwing […]