Real Life Example/Danger of a Claims Made General Liability Policy

I harp non-stop about the dangers of a Claims Made General Liability Insurance Policy. Here is a real life example in which Gwyneth Paltrow is just now being sued from a skiing accident from 2016. This could cost her millions (insane but so is the legal system in our country in my opinion). Remember a […]

Essential Insurance an Axe Throwing Venue Should Have

axe-throwing venue insurance

Insurance is an essential consideration for any axe-throwing venue. With individual players throwing hatchets and other objects near each other, there is an increased risk of injury or property damage.  Establishing a safe, fun environment for axe throwers is essential to provide a quality customer experience. Knowing what kind of insurance your axe-throwing venue requires […]

Axe Throwing Franchise Ideas to Consider

axe-throwing business insurance

Throwing axes has become increasingly popular in America over the past few years. More and more places, from recreational facilities to bars, are offering it as an activity for people to enjoy. It can be the event’s main focus or a unique side activity. Many centuries ago, during the Viking era, throwing axes were predominantly […]

6 Things to Consider When Getting Axe Throwing Insurance

axe-throwing business insurance

People are always looking for activities that can relieve stress while looking good. One example is axe-throwing, precisely what it sounds like: throwing axes at a target. The sport has become increasingly popular due to its combination of physical activity, competitive nature, and the satisfaction of hitting a target with a sharp blade. However, axe-throwing […]

6 Steps to Follow to Start an Axe Throwing Party Business

axe throwing insurance

Ever heard of axe throwing, particularly an axe-throwing party business? Well, an axe-throwing party business is a unique and exciting way to celebrate special occasions or just get together with friends. It involves throwing axes at a target in a safe, controlled environment. Axe throwing can be a great way to have a lot of […]

Best Practices for Ensuring Safety in Your Axe-Throwing Business


Safety is of utmost importance for any business, and that includes axe throwing. With the recent increase in its popularity, business owners and operators take the necessary steps for the safety of the customers and staff. This article will provide best practices and guidelines to help axe-throwing businesses create a safe environment for everyone involved.  […]

Admitted vs Non-Admitted Insurance Companies: What are the Differences?

axe-throwing venue insurance

Are you looking for a new insurance provider? Well, if you are, you may have noticed that some insurance companies are “admitted” while others are “non-admitted.” What does this mean, and how does it affect you?  It’s important to know the difference when it comes to selecting an insurance company. Admitted and non-admitted insurance companies […]

7 Ways to Keep Your Axe-Throwing Business Safe and Sound


As an axe-throwing business owner, safety is your top priority. Ensuring that your guests are safe while they’re in your facility is essential to running a successful business. To do this, you must implement safety regulations that will help protect the safety of your guests and staff.   We are not attorneys and we always find […]